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The Step by Step Process

From the very moment you request a driveway sealing or parking lot sealcoating quote, we begin to work for you! No matter how big or small a job is, we plan all our projects with the same dedication and attention to detail. We make use of the latest technology on the market, both in the field and in the office. By using satellite imagery and mapping software, we are capable of delivering estimates within minutes.  Thats right, have your driveway sealcoat price in minutes!

Step 1

We measure up your pavement area to determine the square footage. Of course we rely on site visits to determine your unique needs, but in most cases the measuring is handled  via satellite. 

GIS Mapping, FREE Sealcoat Estimate
FREE Driveway Sealing estimate West Chester, PA
Step 2

After you have accepted your unique proposal and chosen a day for service, we are ready to get to work! On your scheduled day, the driveway sealcoating crew arrives on your property; prior to sealing the asphalt is prepped for application. Grass is edged for maximum exposure of the pavement surface. The asphalt is then swept and blown clean of all dirt and debris.

Step 3

After the prep work is complete, the driveway is ready for sealcoating! In most residential settings, sealer is applied by brush. In commercial settings and unique driveway settings, sealer is spray applied.  

Driveway sealcoating West Chester, PA
Parking lot sealcoating and line striping West Chester, PA
Step 4

Once the application process is completed, your driveway or parking lot is blocked off with caution tape and the pavement is closed to vehicle traffic for 24-48hrs. For best results, we recommend keeping the blacktop closed for 48 hours. Cash is never required up front. Upon completion of the work an invoice will be mailed or emailed to you!

Driveway sealing Delaware County, PA Delco driveway sealcoating
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